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Why you should visit Enfield

by Kristina Mortimer-Bale, Sep 2018

The name Enfield derives from the old English word ‘Enfeld’, with the suffix ‘feld’ being an Old English personal name and ‘ēan’, meaning ‘lamb’. Putting this all together, we understand that Enfield literaly means “where lambs are reared”. However, there is more to Enfield than just lambs and Old English ways of referencing said lambs. Here are the real reasons you should visit Enfield:

It is where The Conjuring 2 is set

And that’s not all. The film is based off of the events that took place between 1977 and 1979 on 284 Green Street in (you guessed it) Enfield! These events are known as the Enfield Hauntings and make up one of the most documented cases of paranormal activity in history. It is also one of the most controversial, with many sceptics criticising the investigation for being over credulous. Still, it might be a good idea to give this house, or the entire street really, a wide birth. Unless you think you’re brave enough…

The Second Beer Mile?

Forget about the Bermondsey beer mile; Enfield is bursting onto the beer scene with a bang. While having a somewhat difficult relationship with the barley-based beverage in the past, the Enfield Brewery has now been constructed. Coupling this with Enfield’s relatively low rent, it would not be surprising to see a second beer mile popping up sometime in the not too distant future. Remember to have a big meal before you go!

The Industrial Antiquity

Enfield has, both traditionally and contemporarily, been a place of manufacturing. Particularly, Enfield has been known for its weapons production. The Lee-Enfield .303 rifle was an essential piece of the British Army’s equipment until 1957, and was still used for years after that. Enfield is also the birthplace of a lot of other modern technology we use today. For example, Ferguson created the first colour television, Hotpoint created the first mass-produced dishwasher and Barclays placed the first ever ATM in 1967.

Town Twinning

Enfield is twinned with Courbevoie in France, Gladbeck in Germany, Halandri in Greece, Sariyer in Turkey and Schwechat in Austria. These places probably would not want to be associated with Enfield if it wasn’t an absolutely lovely place you should definitely visit.