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What is it like to work for Well Polished clients?

by Kristina Mortimer-Bale, Apr 2018

What is it like to work for Well Polished clients?

Hear from our cleaners!

Working with Well polished Enfield it is the best decision ever. I am so happy with the job. Especially working with such a lovely person as Kristina, it makes the job easier ! Whatever the problem is, it is going to be solved on time. If I cannot work for certain reasons for one client or another, Kristina will do her best to help me to solve this problem. Everything is well organised. Clients are very nice people and they are always happy to give feedback about Well Polished. I hope that I am going to work with Well Polished for a long time because it is really worth it.
Klea Hystunaj

I have noticed that the clients are very happy with the job that I have done for them.I’m very lucky working with Well Polished Enfield. When we have any problems, Kristina would solve them for us – she is a very supportive and helpful person. I would recommend anyone who loves cleaning to be associated with Well polished.
Nita Pjetri