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Tidy Up Time

by Kristina Mortimer-Bale, Sep 2018

Tidy up time, a part of the day that most kids detest. Mess and kids go hand in hand! They’re more than happy taking everything out, but nagging them to put stuff back can be a chore.

Studies have shown that children are more likely to put stuff back, if they have a recognisable “home” where the toys/books/general rubbish belongs.

Group things together – this seems so obvious, but putting all the books on the same shelf will help kids know where to put them back where they belong.

Colour co-ordinated boxes – this can help with the likes of Lego. Putting them in size order, or perhaps keep them in different sets can keep things organised and easy for clearing up!

Children vs Adult cupboards – This idea is simple, give the kids their own cupboard for their arts and crafts to go into. This should be completely separate to your general household cupboards, for that added sense of independence!

Dividers in Toy Boxes – for those with multiple children, there will likely always be a “his toy is in my toy box” fight! To avoid this, use a clear divider to make sure things are separated.

We hope these ideas help your children to participate in the household chores!