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Packings tips!

by Well Polished London (East), Jul 2019

Here are some tips on how to pack for your Summer Holidays!

  • Outfits first – pair together your outfits first for each day and then separate into category once done e.g tops all together, bottoms together, dresses together etc.
  • Travel Organisers – there are some handy bags you can purchase on eBay or Amazon that section all your clothes
  • Roll your clothes – roll them rather that folding on top of each other, place them in a rolled long-ways position next to each other
  • Take zip lock bags for wet clothes – If your having a later flight home, rather than having wet swimwear in your case pop them in a zip lock bag
  • Empty bottles – these usually come as a set in a little bag, you can buy these from Primark or Superdrug and fill them up with your favourite products rather than taking huge bottles spilling everywhere!
  • Save your online shopping bags – like Asos put everything in separate plastic bags keep these as these come in so handy for wrapping each pair of shoes in your case!

Enjoy xx