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How To Spruce Up Your Home For Summer

by Well Polished London (East), Jun 2019

Is your house feeling a little Blah?!

As the different seasons approach us, it isn’t uncommon to feel a little frustrated about your home. I know most people especially this time of year feel the need to give there house a revamp – but sometimes do not know where to start! Keep reading for simple tips.

Much like our wardrobe that changes between seasons, so does our house in small measures. You wouldn’t wear your winter coat in summer would you?….Actually… British Citizens don’t answer that!!

Bedding – introduce a white or neutral cotton or linen bed sheets for a nice airy and summery feel. Put away the thick heavy winter blankets and replace with a light cotton blanket or linen strip for decor and comfort!

Lick of paint – whether it be the whole house or just a room you fancy paying attention too. A little paint job can do ALOT to make your home feel clean and refreshed! opt for off-white or even a bold accent wall for impact!

Windows – replace your heavy curtains with a light voile to make take advantage of the bright days and light summer evenings flooding through the house!

Accessories – you may already have fab home accessories but you are getting bored of them, try switching them up in another room or utilising them for another use around the house. Or introduce a new quirky vase or candle to give a little more personality to your room.

Real instead of Faux – I have noticed faux plants are really a big thing these days – I am guilty for this too! However The impact a real plant can give in a home is quite brilliant and I think we need to pay attention to our REAL plants again. Plus there are so many amazing benefits from having house plants! Columbia Road have the best plants especially there Orchids I love mine!

Elle xx