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5 Tips to starting a Tidy life!

by Well Polished London (East), Apr 2019

Years ago, I read a book Marie Kondo – The life changing magic of tidying up… and it has honestly changed my life!

Here’s some tips that I learnt from the book!

  1. Sort everything out by category first! For example; clothes – get every piece of clothing you own put them all on the bed and complete clothes first! Don’t start all different categories of things in your home all at once – this is a major headache and will eventually have you sitting on the floor surrounded by STUFF thinking “why did I start this” This one is vital when wanting to sort out and apply this for each room in your home!
  • Make sure everything has a designated place! This makes life so much easier once this is applied to your home. Kiss the stressful searching days goodbye.
  • Only keep things that spark joy. This one helped me so much in the book Marie Kondo asks you to ask yourself “does this item spark joy?” this one feels hard for people at first but honestly it will help you change your way of thinking! If your item has served its purpose and no longer is needed, we can now pass on to charity and let it go.
  • Throw the papers! Most households end up with eyeball high piles of letters, flyers, old magazines, old bills, manuals. Help yourself by shredding these up especially things like the sky box manual – these instructions are probably online, or a phone call away and that old magazine with the nice dress from Zara doesn’t need to be collecting dust simply tear out the page and keep until you have purchased! Simple.
  • Most importantly – do this often & enjoy. With out us realising all our things we own around us can become part of our energy, lets surround ourselves with beautiful things, continue to organise our lives and only keep things that truly make us happy and we will automatically feel refreshed & alive!