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Spritz the Gin

by Well Polished Derby, Jan 2018

What’s the secret to keeping mirrors sparkling clean? The answer lies in the nation’s favourite spirit.

Cleaning mirrors can be a hassle . Despite attempting to wipe clean with a solution spray and cloth using sweeping, circular motions, you’ll find that the greasy fingerprint smear you’re attempting to get rid off isn’t disappearing, and the residue is just spreading across a larger section of the glass.

But it turns out there’s an easy way to see a clear reflection when you look at yourself in the mirror, and all you have to do is steal a trick from the 1940s – by using a spritz of gin!

If dull and smeared mirrors are ruining your reflection, mix equal parts of gin and water in a spray bottle and spray onto mirrors. Then all you have to do is buff off with a clean, dry cloth for smear-free mirrors and admire yourself and your handy work.

Who knew?! It turns out gin isn’t just your favourite tipple but now your favourite cleaning hack too.