Dishwasher Tips for Cleaner Dishes

by Jason Campbell, Jan 2020

While loading your dishwasher may seem like a mundane and simple task, there is actually a great deal of technique and finesse to it. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to use your dishwasher efficiently:

  • Never stack: Stacking plates means that some of them are experienced the full blast of water. If you stack your plates, most of them wont get cleaned.
  • Secure plastics: Glass plates have the weight behind them to stay where you put them; plastic does not. Make sure they are in safe enough places where they will get washed but are not blasted away!
  • Spoons and Forks don’t mix well: Don’t allow spoons and forks to nest together, as the spoons can prevent the water jet from reaching the forks. Place some cutlery handle and up and some handle down to allow for an even wash.
  • Stemware is fragile: Try not to let wine glasses to touch one another, as the water jets can cause them to bump and break. 
  • Problems with long utensils: The handles of longer cutlery and utensils can slip through the gap in the racks and interfere with the spray arm> Make sure they are secured
  • Separate steal and silver: Allowing stainless steel and silver to touch in the wash can cause a reaction and the silver may pit. Ensure they are separated.