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Croydon Means Business!

by Well Polished Croydon, Apr 2019

Croydon Means Business has continued to display time and time again that Croydon is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to innovation and growth among small businesses. They offer the opportunity for fresh entrepreneurs to network with others, gain experience and wisdom from more well established business people, discover the avenues of support available to those just starting out and display what small business incentive can really do for Croydon. 

The initiative was started by the Small Business Commission set up by Croydon Council to explore the liberties and limitations to business-building within the city. In September of 2017, the commission published their findings, along with an action plan to encourage investment. 

It seems to be working wonders for Croydon, and we wish any entrepreneur good look in their future endeavours!