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No January Blues Here!

by Well Polished Crewe, Jan 2019

January can more often than not feel like a chore with all the pressure of the “New Year, New Me!” attitude we’re supposed to adopt. It’s been proven that your mental state of mind is much less focused in this dreary month, and we’re a lot less motivated. Here at Well Polished, we see January as a very exciting time to look back on our past year and up our game! Here are a few tips we’ve put together to keep up the momentum:

  • Inner Chat

You know the one, that voice in your head that makes your doubt your abilities and in turn, stops you from doing something. You need to up your mindset game here and start believing in yourself! Every time you start to hear that negativity creeping in, say “I can do this!” out loud. It sounds so clichéd but it really does work!

  • Positive Pals

You may find that being around people who are generally negative and a bit unhappy, will bring you down. Mindset it all about your surroundings and the way they make you feel, try to hang around with people who are more upbeat and positive!

  • Uncomfort Zone

Stop playing it safe with your experiences and habits. Take a step back and have a think about pushing yourself a bit more! Taking your mind and body through a new experience is the best way to increase positivity and self-praise!

We hope you have a wonderful January!