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World Meditation Day

by Julie Kempson, May 2019

If you ever needed a good excuse to have 10 minutes at your desk with your eyes closed, then today is your lucky today! 21 May 2019 is World Meditation Day.

We all know how busy and stressful life can be, so taking 10 minutes out of your day just to close your eyes and clear your mind can help promote good mental health.

And the great thing about meditation is you don’t need to have any experience, there is no need to join a group and it can be done virtually anywhere and at any time.

Simply find a nice, quiet tranquil spot where you feel happy and relaxed – and even better if it can be outside and close to nature – close your eyes, relax and reflect.  Some people find that concentrating on a single sentence helps them to focus and empty their mind, and others like to play some soft music to help block out any background noise.

As part of World Meditation Day, many gyms, yoga studios and community centres around the world will be hosting meditation sessions, with a large event taking place today at the iconic Fabric Nightclub in London.

Be kind to yourself and take 10 minutes today to de-stress and make the most of World Meditation Day.