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Top Tips For Your Christmas Tree!

by Julie Kempson, Nov 2017

A sure sign that Christmas is not far off is when the Christmas decorations and trees start to appear in houses, pubs and shops.

But do you feel like me each year – spend hours and hours trying to get your Christmas tree to look just right when in reality it looks like a five year old has been let loose on it?

Here at Well Polished Crawley, we have put together a couple of super quick tips to help give your tree that professional decorator’s look!

  • If you have an artificial tree, spend an hour or so stretching out and arranging the branches – after all the poor thing has probably been stuffed in a box for the best part of 12 months. Give it a little bit of TLC before you start with the decorating!
  • Make sure you have plenty of lights for the size of your tree. Don’t skimp on them.  Put the lights on first and then that way you can hang the other decorations around them.
  • Choose a colour scheme and keep to it. Red, green and gold are a popular traditional option.
  • Put your smaller baubles, those that are not quite so colourful and the ones you have less of, on your tree first and then you can spread your larger more colourful ones around them.
  • Put the larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree and the smaller ones on the ends of the branches. This will help to give your tree more depth.
  • Put the more expensive and fragile baubles as close to the top of the tree as possible. Keep them safe from little hands and dogs wagging tails.
  • Don’t forget to put a tree skirt around the bottom of the tree to cover up the tree’s stand and any cables.
  • Finally, for the crowning glory on the top of your tree, make sure you don’t choose anything too heavy. This part of the tree is probably the weakest and so you don’t want your angel or star falling off half way through the festive season.

Happy decorating!