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Spring Flowers

by Julie Kempson, Apr 2019

After a long, bleak, colourless, dark winter it is with open arms that we welcome the awakening of Spring and the wonderful colours it brings with.   Life just seems brighter and happier when spring flowers begin to appear. 

Spring flowers are just wonderfully colourful and vibrant.  They are also very fragrant, so not only do we benefit from a seeing a lovely array of colours, we also have the joy of gorgeous fragrances as well.   Personal favourites amongst the Well Polished Crawley team are daffodils, crocuses and of course the wild bluebells.     

Other popular spring flowers include primroses, pansies, freesias, tulips and hyacinths

If you didn’t get yourself organised in time to plant your bulbs ready for spring, or perhaps you don’t have a garden, then why not check out The Crawley Horticultural Society, open in general from 1.30 to 4pm.

Their next show is on 15th April at 8pm so why not pop along and enjoy some colour!