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by Julie Kempson, Apr 2020

We all know that hand washing is important – and especially so in the current circumstances.

Adults understand the importance but do our children?  Are you having problems encouraging your children to wash their hands regularly?

Then why not try this out with them – it will help them understand why they should regularly be washing their hands and that it is not just mummy and daddy nagging them to do it.

Get a bowl of water, and ask your little one to shake some pepper in to it, telling them that the pepper is what germs look like.   The pepper will float on the surface.   Have you child stick their finger in to the “germy pepper water” and pull it out.  They will see that their finger is covered in pepper (or germs).

Remove the pepper/germs from their finger, and have them dip it in to some hand soap.  Ask them to pop their finger back in to the germy pepper water and watch as the germs/pepper move away from their finger.

This will help teach your kiddies in a simple easy to understand way why using hand soap and washing your hands is so important.

Check out this video: