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by Julie Kempson, Sep 2019

Located in the Ifield neighbourhood of Crawley, 19th century weatherboarded watermill is thought to be the only working watermill in West Sussex. 

From as early at 1274 there were mills in around West Sussex with the Ifield Watermill being in operation since 1660.  Following a fire in 1683, the mill was rebuilt and continued to operate in to the 1920’s when it was left to deteriorate and fell in to disrepair.


Local man Ted Henbury was alerted of the presence of the Watermill and its’ dilapidated state by his son, and together with the local rescue archaeologist John Gibson-Hill they set up a restoration group to work on the mill.

Restoration work began in 1974.   Now the watermill has a working watermill powered by it original water the source – the Ifield Millpond.   Restoration work is ongoing although there is a one renovated building on the site.


The mill does contain a variety of working mechanical instruments which show the use of the Mill and it also houses exhibitions about the history and restoration of the Mill itself along with the history of the local Crawley area.

Travel to the Mill by train, bus, car or bike.  The Mill has various open days throughout the year, so check those and other details by clicking here