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How to Woo Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day!

by Julie Kempson, Feb 2019

It’s only a week away and at Well Polished Crawley, we are all dead excited!  The annual day of celebrating love and romance,  Friday 14th February or St Valentine’s Day.  

Did you know that Valentine’s Day gets its name from a famous saint who was believed to be a priest from Rome in the 3rd century AD?

The Roman Emperor at the time had banned marriage, believing married men made bad soldiers!  Valentine thought that this was unfair and so broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret.   When the Emperor found out, Valentine was slung in to jail and sentenced to death.

During his time in jail, Valentine met and fell in love with the jailer’s daughter.  On the day of his execution – which yes, you have guessed, was 14th February – he sent her a love letter which he signed “From your Valentine”

How will you be showing your love for that special person in your life this Valentine’s Day?   Will it be chocolates?  Flowers perhaps?  Maybe a cosy night in just the two of you?  Or a romantic candlelight dinner in your favourite restaurant?

Or perhaps you want to consider a longer lasting gift for your loved one?  Why not purchase a Well Polished Crawley Valentine Voucher?   It may not seem very romantic treating your beloved to a weekly cleaning service!  But just think, in one month’s time when the flowers have wilted, and the chocolates have been eaten – your Valentine gift will still be going on!    And by the end of year, your Valentine’s gift will truly be remembered as an act of love as your beloved other half enjoys a sparkly, clean home on a weekly basis.

So go on, be a Valentines Hero this year and get your loved one a Valentines Voucher!   Find out more details about our Valentines Voucher by clicking here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!