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Easter-ific Egg Hunts!

by Julie Kempson, Apr 2019

Have you been lucky enough to receive an Easter egg yet?  I bet if you have, you have already eaten it!   Our Well Polished Crawley office is littered with bits of tin foil and discard Easter egg boxes already!  And we haven’t even started yet on the hot cross buns!

Did you know we have J S Fry & Sons to thank for the first chocolate Easter egg, which they introduced in 1873 in the UK!        Prior to that, the oldest tradition was to use chicken eggs which would be dyed and painted and given as a gift.  I have to say, at Well Polished Crawley, we prefer the current chocolate tradition a lot more, along with 80 million who buy chocolate Easter eggs each year.

Eggs generally symbolise fertility and rebirth, but for the Easter period they are symbolic of the empty tomb of Jesus from which he was resurrected.

A popular activity on Easter Sunday is an egg hunt when eggs (usually chocolate ones!) are hidden – either indoors or outside – for children to find.     Any eggs that are found, are kept and so as you can imagine this is a very popular game amongst children.

Why not check out this egg hunt at Goffs Park on Sunday 22nd April.

Hope your egg hunting is Easter-ific!