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Delays expected as Cheals Roundabout is closed for 5 nights

by Julie Kempson, May 2019

Drivers are being advised that where the A2220 Horsham Road meets up with the A23 at Cheals Roundabout that there will be five nights of road closures.   The road will be closed from 28 May until 1 June between the hours of 8pm and 5am whilst resurfacing work is carried out during these five nights.

Since October last year, motorists who have been experiencing long delays at this junction whilst road works have been carried out, will be pleased to hear that they are due to finish next month.


With 130 houses being built at the new estate at Kilnwood Vale in Faygate, it is anticipated these will create an increase in traffic at this junction in the foreseeable future, so work has been under way to widen the road at the roundabout.

Road users are advised to expect delays and to allow more time than usual for their journeys, so please be kind and patient with your Well Polished Crawley cleaner should she arrive later than her regular time!   


To find out more and for more information, check out this article from the Crawley Observer by clicking here.