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by Julie Kempson, Apr 2020

Keeping your home clean has never been more important than it is right now under the current circumstances, so here at Well Polished Crawley we have some tips for you.

The World Health Organisation have told us that Covid 19 or the Corona Virus as it is also being called, can spread indirectly from infected  droplets from a cough and that it can live on a surface for hours – and in the right conditions – it can live for days.

These droplets are heavy and don’t just evaporate in to the air.

Our first tip therefore when cleaning is to concentrate on areas in your home which are commonly touched:

Door handles

Light switches


Toilet flush buttons

Toilet seat

Our second tip is to close the toilet seat before you flush!

Something else to remember about the virus is that almost all disinfectant products will not work if a surface is not visually clean.

Tip number 3 therefore is to wash all surfaces with soapy water first before you disinfect.

Tip number 4 has been widely promoted – keep washing your hands regularly.  Avoid shaking hands where possible, wash your hands before you eat or prepare foods.  And if you have been out of your own home, on return wash your hands thoroughly to remove any possible germs.

If you are still going to your place of work or have a home office now is the time to clean up!

Tip number 5 is to wipe down your desk before starting your shift with soapy water, followed by disinfectant and remember to include your desk phone, your mobile phone and your keyboard.  

Tip number 6 is to use products with 70% (or more) alcohol.  We also suggest you look for products that include sodium hypochlorite, isopropanol and ethanol.   Whilst most products have not yet been tested against the corona virus because it is so new, an antibacterial or anti viral product should cover the corona virus.  Bleach also works really well.

Stay safe. Stay at home.  Save lives.