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by Julie Kempson, Sep 2018

So the long school holidays are nearly over and it’s time to think about getting you and the kids ready for going back to school.

Well Polished Crawley has 5 helpful tips to for getting back to school ready.

  • Prepare yourself ready for the early morning start, and get as much done as you can the night before. By reducing  the stress and chaos for the next morning,  it will get you and your family off to a good start for that first school morning.
  • Start your back to school routine on the last week of the holidays – this will help get both you and them to get ready.
  • Check school bags for any worn straps or holes! Heavy school books will only them worse.  Clean up bags and equip with everything they will need – check that they have all the stationery, textbooks, calculator etc
  • Prepare the workspace that your children will be using for their homework – this can inevitable mean start the big clean up campaign in their bedrooms as undoubtedly over the summer holidays things will have become a lot less tidy and organised!
  • Save yourself some time by booking your regular cleaner with Well Polished Crawley and know that you will come home to a clean home.


And you before you know it … we will be talking about the Christmas Holidays!