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5 Ideas to Keep the Kiddies Entertained in the Summer Holidays

by Julie Kempson, Aug 2018

With still a few more weeks before the summer holidays, are you running out of ideas to keep the kiddiewinks entertained?

Why not try some of these:


This is always great fun!   Make sure they are involved from the start –  let them choose from a selection of recipes that you know you have the ingredients for and if they are able to read, encourage them to do so by reading out loud the instructions.  Avoid the temptation of taking over and doing it yourself.  And of course, make sure they help with the washing up afterwards!


Encourage your children to learn about fruit, vegetables and flowers and the important place they have in this world.  Buy seeds, and small plants, get them in to their old scruffs and let them loose in the mud!    We suggest buying seeds that grow quickly so that they can see the results sooner rather than later.  And of course, this is ongoing as they need to be watered and tended to on a regular basis.


If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, a river or a lake and the weather is warm enough, then go and get wet!   Swimming is a great way to burn of lots of energy!  If you don’t live near to the sea then go to a swimming pool instead.


There are plenty of parks, woods and beaches for you and your children to explore.   Make it more interesting by given them things to do or look out for.  If you are going to the beach, suggest they collect shells or if you are in the woods, look for different plants, trees and insects.


This is a great favourite of ours.   There are all sort of board games that you can play – or you can even make your own.   Try games that help burn of energy – like musical chairs and musical bumps – which can be played outdoors as well!

And don’t worry about keeping your house clean whilst you are keeping the children entertained.  Well Polished Crawley will be happy to help you out with that.  Just give us a call on 07763 453508 to book your cleaner today.

Have fun!