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3 Tips to Help Keep Your Home Clean In Between Visits From Your Well Polished Cleaner

by Julie Kempson, Nov 2017

It’s always a great feeling to return home after a day’s work and open your front door to a freshly cleaned house, courtesy of your Cleaner from Well Polished Crawley. We all know though that life happens and cut to 3 days later, your home might not feel so clean and fresh!

So…here are 3 tips to help you to keep that fresh clean feeling in between your weekly visits from your Well Polished Cleaner!

1. Keeping your floors clean without actually cleaning them!

A nice easy one this – door mats! Make sure you have door mats at all points of entrance in to your home and encourage your guests to wipe their feet before coming in. This will save anything from outside being trampled through your carpet or hard floors. Family members can help even more by removing their shoes at the door!

2. Keep everything picked up!

A neat and tidy home automatically looks clean and it doesn’t take a massive amount of effort either! Such things as putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, making your bed, putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher will all go a long way to making your house look clean.

3. Wipe down surfaces as you go!

In the kitchen for example, it is much easier to wipe off food splatters as you cook or in the bathroom.  Have a squeegee to hand to wipe water off the shower door! Small actions like this take very little time but all help towards maintaining that freshly cleaned look!

Three super easy tips to keep that Well Polished feeling in your home in between visits from your cleaner!