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Valentine’s ‘Date Night’ Stains – Keeping It Clean!

by Carla Ditzel, Feb 2018

How to remove lipstick, red wine and chocolate from your clothes.

The best way to remove lipstick is to push it out from the back. Lay the garment stain face down on an absorbent cloth.  Grab a pre-dampened moistened make-up remover wipe and gently dab the back of the stain.  Work the product from the wipe into the fabric to help dissolve the lipstick and push it into the absorbent cloth.  Rotate the cloth using a clean area as it absorbs the lipstick and continue working until no more stain is released.  Treat any remaining lipstick with a spot of Vanish and wash the garment in the hottest temperature acceptable.

Red Wine
Be super quick, and blot up as much of the wine spillage as possible with an absorbent cloth, then generously sponge the stain with cool water.  For a very large stain, soak the entire garment in cool water for about half an hour.  Apply Vanish, launder the garment as you usually do with a dose of chlorine or oxygen bleach added.

Chocolate takes a while to soak into fabric, so act fast and you’ll have a better success rate than if you leave it.  Start by gently scraping as much of the chocolate as you can from the fabric’s surface with a spoon.  Apply Vanish, or rub in a little laundry detergent.  Wash the item in a hot temperature, and potentially chlorine or oxygen bleach, if available.