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The Shocking Confessions/Stories of Real-Life Cleaners!

by Carla Ditzel, Apr 2018

Cleaners reveal the strangest (and funniest) things they’ve ever experienced/been asked to do.  The mind boggles.

“The goat drove me to quit.”

“Two months after I started working for this millionaire, she got a goat — in addition to her 10 giant dogs. The dogs had access to the entire house. Soon enough, she started feeling bad about leaving the goat outside, so she started letting it inside the house with the dogs. I would go four times a week (for at least six hours a day) and spend the entire time just cleaning up after the animals. The goat peed on everything. It got to a point that was just too much. I cleaned everything with such attention to detail and she’d go back hours later (after the dogs and goat had been through again) and complain that I wasn’t doing a good job. After a year, I had to drop her as a client.” *inserts hand over face emoji

“I thought I was working for a murderer.”

“A client asked me to set up a filing system with crazy category names such as ‘easiest way to kill someone without being traced,’ ‘types of murder weapons,’ and ‘types of poisons.’ At first, I was horrified; then I found out that the client was actually a successful mystery writer.”

“You have to make the most of crazy requests.”

“I was once asked to launder and match up approximately 500 pairs of slightly different black socks. It was a beautiful day, so I spent four hours sorting socks in the back garden.”

“The tiniest jobs can be the most ridiculous.”

“My very first client asked me to wash paperclips. We were cleaning alongside a lady who had been hired to organise a home office that hadn’t been used for a while, and everything was covered in dust. She was obviously very attached to these paperclips, as she could have just bought brand new ones at a fraction of the cost.  If I ever see another paperclip…”

“A daunting task can turn out to be fun.”

A client of mine was putting his house on the market, and I was asked to provide a deep clean, which ultimately ended with me bottling/decanting beer that he was brewing in the basement. There was an entire room filled with beer barrels and bottles. It actually took the entire day and I’m pretty sure, it wasn’t in the job description, but it was so much fun, and I was still getting paid the same!”


caveat: these are not deemed to be ‘normal’ activities to request of your cleaner! ;o)