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Snow Forecast? Read Our Cost-Saving Cosy Tips!

by Carla Ditzel, Jan 2019

The weather forecast is looking chilly across the UK this week, with temperatures plummeting and warnings of ‘thundersnow’ Is that really a thing? (apparently so). It’s tempting to turn up that thermostat a few notches! However, before you sting yourself with high energy bills just after Christmas, think about some alternative ways to keep warm at home.

  • 18, is the magic number.  Stats show that 18 degrees is the perfect temperature to maintain your home nice and toasty. If this seems too cold for you, try a higher level temperature and reduce it by 1 degree every week.
  • Use your timer.  Planning your heating to turn on first thing in the morning before you awake, then for when you arrive home from work. What is the point in having the heating on when you’re not even at home?
  • Only use the radiators you need.  Never use the spare room unless you have a guest? Why are you heating it? Turn off the radiator in unused rooms so you can save your pennies!
  • Keep them clear.  Are you a fiend for hanging your washing up on the radiators? If so you’re stopping the heat from getting around your house! Move all furniture and objects near your radiators that will just absorb the heat.
  • Do a draught check.  Have a look around your home for anywhere that draughts might be creeping in, buy yourself some draught excluders and pop them around your home to stop the cold breeze coming through!
  • Finally, don’t forget to layer up – it’s much cheaper to throw on a jumper than it is to heat a whole house!