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Preparing your home for the Christmas holidays!

by Carla Ditzel, Dec 2018

Christmas time is the busiest time of year, shopping for gifts, cooking and parties every other night (or so it feels). It can be overwhelming, especially if you have family coming to stay for the holidays or even just for a festive lunch/dinner.

Here are a few tips to help you get through the festive madness: –

Speed cleans. Cleaning for the arrival of guests is slightly different to your weekly clean or spring cleaning because you only need to focus on specific areas.

Make an entrance. The first thing your guest will notice is the entrance to your home, and whether it be good or bad, memories will be made. Good news is that it’s easy to make a good first impression.

Start with cleaning up the garden of leaves, mowing the lawn and a general tidy up. Next, buy a new welcome mat (it doesn’t have to be expensive) and you could even get something festive for the holidays.

Finally, light up the house with a few fairy lights, you can go all out like Blackpool illuminations or just put a few lights around the house. Do make sure any decorations you put outside are weatherproof!

Declutter. It’s too easy to gather a pile of magazines or other unnecessary items. Keep in mind areas of the house where people will gather, such as the lounge and dining room, and remove any items that aren’t needed.

Remember people like to sit down, so try to make it as comfortable as possible with additional seating but remove side tables and kids toys which can take up extra room.

Christmas time means lots of extra food to feed the masses; so you’ll need more room in the fridge. Make sure you get rid of any food with a short ‘best before’ date or stuff you haven’t used in a while.

Guest essentials. People like to travel light, so it’s a nice touch to have a couple of extras in the guest bedroom and bathroom, such as: –

  • New soap
  • Fresh towels on the bed
  • Shampoo/conditioner (hotel samples are perfect for this)
  • Fresh flowers

Activities! If there are kids running around the house, you certainly don’t want them annoying you in the kitchen. Make sure you have some planned activities to keep them entertained and out of your hair. Trips to the local park for games, bike riding or Christmas films.

Have a wonderful Christmas!