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May Bank Holiday – Make That Extra Day Count!

by Carla Ditzel, May 2019

An extra day over the weekend is enough to really make a difference at home.  Here are 8 ways to make the most of the upcoming May Bank Holiday: –

1.Safety first
Give your home a full safety check. Test all of your alarms – burglar, smoke and carbon monoxide, and check that all of the locks on your windows and doors are secure.

2. Blitz the bathroom
Give your bathroom a good cleaning from top to bottom. Get the bleach out.  Mix neat bleach with water and spray bathroom tiles and shower trays.  Leave for a while as you work your way around the house, and when you come back the mildew and grime will be dripping away.  Finish by thoroughly cleaning with a bathroom cleaner and rinse thoroughly for a fresh, shiny finish.  Finally, treat yourself to a big bubble bath in your fresh smelling, super clean bathroom.

3. Dress your windows
If you simply want to smarten up your living space, change the look by dressing your windows. Invest in some new curtains (how long have those curtains been hanging there for), or blinds, and declutter/rearrange your windowsill to include some fresh Summery flowers.  Do’t forget to clean your windows first!

Print off some recent photographs.  Create your own personalised gallery on the wall.  Your phone is likely to be full of images from family gatherings and fun nights out (or even pictures of the family pet), and what better way to make your house feel more homely.

5. Give upcycling a go
There are many pieces of pre-loved furniture just waiting for a new home this Bank Holiday. Scour your local buy & sell sites or visit a charity shop or car boot sale to pick up a bargain. You could paint, decorate or restore it to its former glory which will give it a new lease of life and be a sparkly new addition to your home. You may have a few items of your own which could look good with a splash of colour.

6. Enjoy being out in the garden
Spend your extra day off weeding the borders, maybe the shed could do with a tidy, and the decking could do with a power wash.  Think of your garden as extra outdoor living space.

7.Scrub the summer furniture
Dig out the garden furniture and give the table, chairs and sun loungers a good scrub.  If we’re lucky with the weather, you can enjoy them later in the afternoon!

8. Don’t forget your doors
One of the most forgotten parts of the home is our front and back doors. Make sure you don’t neglect your doors by giving the wood, glass and plastic a good dusting down – and don’t forget to wipe over door numbers, letterboxes and doorknobs/knockers. If you’re feeling extra, you could even have a go at painting your wooden door a different colour to completely transform the front of your house.