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Getting The Best From Your Cleaner – My Most Informative Blog To Date. PLEASE READ!

by Carla Ditzel, Apr 2018

Clean as you go

As silly as it sounds, if your house is in order before the cleaner arrives, he/she will have more time to do a thorough job and often exceed expectations.

Communicate with your cleaner

Domestic cleaners are not mind-readers, they do not carry a crystal ball, and they will not know that you want things to be done in a certain way (or even at all) UNLESS YOU TELL THEM.  Highlight your priorities and expectations, write a list even.  Communicate with your cleaner – say what you like, what you don’t like.  It’s a tailored service, no two properties are the same, and we all have our own preferences.  We’re all creatures of habit!

What your cleaner needs from you

  • Good quality cleaning products and equipment.  If you want a good job doing, you will need to provide appropriate cleaning products, cloths, gloves, a good vacuum cleaner and a mop for hard floors.  If you’re unsure, ask your cleaner what he/she recommends.
  • HOURS – to do a good job, your cleaner will need time.  Make sure you book enough hours to be beneficial and gain the end result you are expecting.  Cleaners are not magicians, and they do not have superpowers.  Just because they clean professionally, they still have the same number of hours in a day, and they are often restricted to tight timescales.  Next time you clean your kitchen, time yourself.  Same again with the bathroom.  This will give you a realistic idea of how long it takes to clean your property.  THOROUGH CLEANING TAKES TIME!

Should you clean up for your cleaner?

The answer to this, in a broad definition, would have to be no.  Clean is the wrong word, ‘TIDY’ is a much better word.  If the question was “should you tidy up for your cleaner” then the answer is most definitely YES.  Homes are lived in… but put things into neat piles, tidy surfaces and clear floors of any obstacles.  You pay a cleaner to clean and not to tidy up.  You will get a lot more for your money if your cleaner can get in and actually clean, rather than putting toys away or picking up clothes from the floor.

You should not have to clean up for your cleaner – the only exception to the rule would be if you don’t have a regular cleaning service.  Then we would urge you to clean as you go… back to the top of this blog!

These pointers will make a HUGE difference to your cleaning service, and ensure you get good value for money.

You’re welcome!