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Forum Chat – Does anybody have a cleaner, what do they do, and are they worth the money?

by Carla Ditzel, Feb 2018

I recently came across an interesting post on a well-known parenting website forum.

The topic in question was ‘cleaning’, and a member asked: –

  • Does anyone have a cleaner?
  • Would you be without them?
  • Are they expensive?
  • Do you feel comfortable that they are in your house when you are not there?
  • How much cleaning do they do?

There were mixed views on what you would expect from a regular weekly cleaner, as you can well imagine.  However, there was undoubtedly a shared opinion that cleaners are, in fact, invaluable.

Here are just a few of the responses which I read: –

  • Yes, and I don’t see it as a luxury. I work FT and it is enough for the 2 of us to do food shopping and cooking etc. I would basically get hardly any time to spend with DD if I had to clean the house as well.
  • Yes, I don’t think I can live without a cleaner, but then I work full time. She comes for 2 hours a week for a 3-bed semi with one bathroom.  I think you can estimate how many hours they’ll need by trying to time yourself cleaning the bathroom(s), kitchen, dusting, mopping and hoovering.  That’ll give you a realistic idea of how much they can cover in the hours you’re paying for.
  • There are lots of advantages to cleaners aside from cleaning – a regular cleaner forces you into a domestic routine about bed changing/ironing/tidying etc. and it also makes you rethink how you run your home and what you prefer to outsource and what you would rather do yourself.  You often gain a lot in efficiency just by having to think about how to manage your cleaner.
  • I just got one last week.  I can’t tell you how amazing it was walking back into the house after she’d been.  She’s only doing 2 hours, but I would have more if I could afford it.  We both work FT, with one of us working late every night of the week.  I don’t see her as a luxury at all.
  • Yes, we have a cleaner for 3 hours a week.  We provide equipment and I have no problem with her being there when we’re out – I prefer not being under her feet, and it’s lovely to come home to a clean house.  She mops floors, hoovers, dusts, cleans kitchen surfaces, cleans the bathroom, makes the beds, takes the rubbish out, empties/loads dishwasher, empties washing machine/airer if needed, cleans oven and fridge as needed.
  • Maybe some consider it a luxury, but I can’t imagine ever not having a cleaner. There’s no way I’d want to do all that stuff myself!

I rest my case!