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Cleaning Tips to Reduce Dust

by Carla Ditzel, Jan 2018

Did you know that the average three bedroom home collects 20lbs of dust each year?  Sounds grim, right? But don’t confuse all that dust with dirt and bad housekeeping. It’s actually a combination of dead skin, animal fur, dander, decomposing insects, dust mites, food debris, lint, fabric fibers, drywall particles, tracked-in soil, soot and pollen.  It also contains hazardous chemicals that migrate from home products and enter through open doors, windows and on the soles of your shoes.  Household dust can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.  While it’s impossible to get rid of dust completely, here are our top tips for keeping dust at a minimum so you and your family stay healthier: –

  1. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  2. Change your bedding once a week. Dust mites love to dwell in sheets, pillows and mattresses.  Encasing your mattress and box spring in an allergen-proof cover, in conjunction with washing your bedding once a week, should be enough to keep bug-a-boos at bay.
  3. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  4. Keep tidy closets. Garments stored in wardrobes shed lots of fiber.  So unless you want a blast of dust confetti each time you open the wardrobe door, it’s best to store things in garment bags, plastic containers and boxes.
  5. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  6. Remove clutter from floors. Don’t ignore piles of clothing, toys, magazines, books or anything else on the floor.  Cleaning around them won’t shift that dust that has settled in or around them.
  7. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  8. Say “no” to carpeting.  It may look gorgeous, and feel luxurious, but carpeted floors are high-maintenance and magnets for dust mites.  They need vacuuming daily, but even that may not be enough for people with severe allergies.  If you’re attached to your carpet, consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a double-layered microfilter bag or a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which prevents dust from being re-introduced into the air.  Otherwise, stick to hardwood, vinyl, linoleum or tile flooring.
  9. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  10. Take it outside.  Dust from area rugs and pillows should be beaten outdoors.
  11. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  12. Duster Do’s & Don’ts.  Feather dusters only aggravate existing dust and cause it to settle elsewhere around your home.  Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe down surfaces.
  13. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  14. Clean from top to bottom.  Clean the highest surfaces first and work your way down, so you capture any dust you missed.
  15. Get a Well Polished cleaner.
  16. Air purifiers. If you have severe allergies or asthma symptoms, an air purifier can be very beneficial — but that doesn’t mean you can ditch the duster!  While they filter dust particles, they don’t take care of dust mites (since they’re not airborne).  Also, for an air purifier to be effective, you’ll need one for each room.