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A day in the life of a Domestic Cleaner

by Carla Ditzel, Feb 2018

When you think of cleaning as a profession you may not realise the extent of the hard work involved.  Cleaners often have an early start, they work for several clients and have to remember the needs of each and every one.  They have to manage their own time to ensure they are on time for their next client.  But, it’s a very rewarding job, and some cleaners were just born with glitter in their veins!

Here is a day in the life of Joanna* one of our super fantastic Cleaners: –

6:30am: Up early to bath, feed and dress my little girl for nursery, then I drop her off for the day and I’m off to my first client.  Margaret is an elderly lady who lives alone.  She has me cleaning every Monday 8am-11am.  She has very specific needs as she isn’t very mobile. This means I go into the kitchen and load and switch the dishwasher on, so I can make a start upstairs.  I hoover, polish, make the bed and clean the bathroom.  When I come back downstairs I polish, hoover, mop/sweep and empty the dishwasher.  I clean the kitchen, take out the bins, wipe inside the fridge, microwave and oven.  These are the things she can no longer do on her own.  Whilst I am there I will make her a cup of tea, and a round of toast with jam.  She really looks forward to me going each week.

11:00am: My first job of the day is now complete, with one happy client under my belt, I pick up a sandwich at the local supermarket, grab a few bits and pieces for home, eat lunch in the car, then travel to my next job which is the home of a professional married couple with children.  I start at midday, and their needs differ from my previous client as they can do more for themselves, but I still have a list of jobs, which can often change from week to week.  It is a three hour clean where I empty the dishwasher, load it, and switch it on again.  I clean the kitchen worktops, empty the washer and load the tumble dryer, putting another wash on.  I then polish the living room, conservatory and study, and head upstairs to clean the bathroom, three bedrooms and toy room (putting away toys as I go).  I then head back downstairs and hoover, sweep and mop before I leave.  They are at work the whole time (I have a key), so they can walk in to a freshly cleaned home, which also means they also get more family time together, because they have my help.

3:20pm:  I arrive at an end of tenancy clean.  This is my last one today, it’s four hours, 3:20pm-7:20pm.  This particular one-bedroom apartment is either being sold or rented out to new tenants, so it needs to look and feel fresh and clean.  It’s a relatively new build, with clean lines, so it’s quite straight forward, but there is a lot of surface dust.  With a whole supply of cleaning products I start on the windows internally, the window frames, windowsills, skirting boards, doors and door frames.  I clean each and every room, including the fridge/freezer, and I wipe the oven, hob and microwave down.  I hoover throughout, and spray some air freshener before I leave.  It looks and smells good – result!

7:40pm: Finally I am home.  I grab a bite to eat, catch up on some TV, then off to bed ready to start again tomorrow.  Today was a particularly long day, I will work less hours tomorrow, just a three hour clean in the morning, so I can pull some ‘me time’ back, and spend the afternoon with my daughter.

Cleaning is such a rewarding job.  It’s very satisfying to see that my hard work can help so many different people, living very different lives, which makes it all worth it!

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the cleaner.

CONCLUSION: A cleaner is worth their weight in gold.  If you’re interested in having a cleaner, or interested in becoming a cleaner yourself, then please email us: