What’s that Smell?

by Well Polished Colchester, Mar 2019

To me the smell of Fresh Coffee is one of the greatest inventions

‘Hugh Jackman’

Scents and smells in your home play a big part in how you feel when you walk in the door to your home. In fact scents play a huge part in how we memorise previous places we have visited. I am just back from India and the smells over there [Good & Bad] had a huge affect on my senses.

Apparently our nasal nerves can pick out up to ten thousand varying scents, some we enjoy and some we don’t. However, these scents play apart in our lives every day for example when you open the fridge to be greeted with that sour smell of gone off milk the thought of that lovely cup of tea evaporates. Trust your nose as the old saying goes and if something doesn’t smell right then it probably isn’t.

There are a multitude of methods people use to make their home smell like a bed of roses such as plugins, air fresheners, expensive candles. The first rule of thumb is to ensure that odd smelling odour is not something that will hang about after you blow out that candle.

You can clean your home without resorting to using expensive ethical cleaning products. There are a few household products that can help you along the way without spending a fortune. I used work in my Uncle’s bar and his wife use to make me clean with hot water and vinegar all the time much to my dislike but it worked a treat. It didn’t smell nice initially but it did an excellent job when the scent went so did any nasty odours that had been wafting about.

A short list of other normal household products that are excellent at cleaning are:

Normal Household Cleaning Ingredients

  • Vinegar [white]
  • Salt
  • Broken Eggs for kitchen sink
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemons

Lemon’s give off such a great scent and can be used to clean lots of household utensils such as Microwaves and they are great for getting rid of water marks from the shower. Once the are dried out you can place them in strategic places to help spread that citrus scent throughout your home.  

Open your windows [even in winter] just to let some fresh air through your rooms and this makes such a difference. Fresh air is free so why not use this to help air out rooms after cooking dinner or using the shower to help the room not become so damp. Obviously during warm weather our windows can stay open longer but even on wet days it’s good to let some fresh air in to help clear the home of odours.

Another excellent cleaning product people use is Baking Soda. It works wonders when mixed with Vinegar and can unclog kitchen sink pipes when used together. It is also a great product for removing that unwanted whiff’s. It’s rough texture is great for cleaning a multitude of surfaces. Of course after all that cleaning you could use some to raise those breads and well deserved cookies for a nice snack as well.

So remember the next time you are whizzing around your favourite supermarket make sure you load up your basket with the above household items and you’ll know they have many uses and may come in really useful.

Before I go I have another fantastic cheeky suggestion and it is to get a regular cleaner in to do those chores you do not have time for. Of course we here at Well Polished Colchester would love to be of assistance. Give us a call, you won’t regret it and when your friends come to your home I’m sure they’ll be a little green with envy.