What to do in Colchester

by Well Polished Colchester, Mar 2019

Colchester Arts Centre

This versatile and adaptable church has been the venue for many different acts and events that the people of Colchester have enjoyed deeply. At one time, they had Palfi the Clown, a well known children entertainer, perform in the afternoon before hosting extreme metal band Cradle of Filth in the very same evening. That sort of diversity of acts doesn’t go unnoticed!

Mercury Theatre

This theatre hosts performances, from the west end to pantomimes, that will be sure to leave you feeling culturally refreshed. The work done in this great theatre has gained attention from both inside and outside of Colchester. Plays performed at this establishment include Jack & The Beanstalk, Snow White, Hairspray, Aladdin and many more!

Colchester Zoo

The ever-changing and developing zoo is one of the top destinations for tourists visiting Colchester. With over 270 different species across and 60 acre plot of land, you can imagine how much there is to do in this wonderful zoo. You could share a close encounter with a Komodo dragon, reason with a rhino or even ostracise an ostrich (we do not recommend this, please be nice to the Ostriches)!

GO4 Market Cafe

‘Warm, yummy and quirky’ is how this home-cooking and inviting little cafe has been described by visitors. The cafe uses locally sourced produce and sells hand crafted goods and works of art in their market. Moreover, they’re always looking for new stall applications to keep the market fresh and up to date. This cafe seems to really capture the spirit of Colchester.