The Unworn Clothes Conundrum

by Well Polished Colchester, Feb 2019

Unworn clothes are the bane of so many people’s lives. They take up so much room but the thought of throwing clothes out is difficult for some people, they’re not quite hoarders but when it comes to clothes people have a habit of storing rather than throwing. Apparently 23% of our clothes go unworn for up to 36 months before we decide to get them out of our lives.

The emotions we go through such as, I remember when I could wear that or I remember the time I bought that and I remember that amazing party when I wore that. Fond memories abound when looking at old favourites especially when we think their time has come for the thrash / charity shop.  People become attached to their clothes and find it hard to discard that Jumper that has so many fond memories. There can also be regretful thoughts, we’ve all bought something that never saw the light of day, and we have a what was I thinking thought.

Personally, I find throwing out clothes quite easy as I put a price on what it cost vs the number of times I have worn it so if I had worn something many times and it has come to the end of its use I have no problem in tossing it out and or giving it to a local charity where hopefully someone else could benefit from it.

It’s good to have a clear out and it’s quite satisfying when you open your wardrobe and don’t have to arm wrestle with loads of hangers to actually see what is in your wardrobe. The feeling of having room after you perform the purge of unworn clothes from 8 years ago is sort of cool. .

Some good questions to ask yourself when deciding if the skin tight shirt that barely closes  should get shown the door are – can I still wear it? Does it fit with my current lifestyle? Do I still enjoy wearing it? Does it suit me? And finally the old favourite does my bum look big in this? Ha ha,best not answer that ….

A few great local charity shops in Colchester that can benefit from your old favourites are Barnardo’s, St Helena Hospice, British Heart Foundation, RSPCA and one of my favourites The Dogs Trust.

My advice is go and do it, we all feel great after a good old clothes purging and on the flip side it also gives us an excuse to go splurging for more new threads inside Colchester’s Fenwick Dept Store.