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House Beautiful

by Well Polished Coalville, Mar 2018

We would all like our homes to look like a magazine shoot, but we haven’t the budget to spend like the stars! There are however lots of ways in which you can make your home look a million dollars…

Here’s our top five tips to have the home you’ll love!

  1. Say it with flowers. This is an absolute favourite tip to brighten up any room! Spend as much or as little as you like, match with your colour scheme and away you go.
  2. Bring in the light. Warm lighting makes your home look more welcoming. Pull curtains and blinds back to let in more light and experiment with different lamp shades.
  3. Make a statement. If you don’t want to add a mirror, paint one wall in a room a different colour or add wallpaper to create a focal point. Be sure to keep the other walls neutral!
  4. Scents make sense. A beautiful smelling home always has that luxury feel. Using scent diffusers can make a big difference, especially in a pet lovers home!
  5. Layering up. Layer up throws and cushions on your sofas and beds for that expensive look and opulent feel.