Working with Well Polished Sheffield

Covering Sheffield, Grimesthorpe, Ecclesall, Crookes, Walkley and surrounding areas

The first step to your new career.

At Well Polished, we are always looking for reliable, trustworthy cleaners for our clients. Whether you want to work four or forty hours per week, we have opportunities available for you.

    Why work for Well Polished clients?


    Pay rate always above minimum wage


    Being self-employed, you tell us the hours you want to work

    Regular Hours

    The majority of our clients require weekly hours long term

    Job Security

    Homes will always need cleaning!

    Job Satisfaction

    Get to know your own clients doing something you enjoy


    Well Polished is a National company and provides free insurance for its cleaners

    Regular weekly cleaning

    Hours to suit your schedule every week

    Our regular domestic cleaning service offers clients a professional clean at a day and time to suit them.

    You will attend the same clients each week, so you will get to know them and their preferences. We will often ask that you arrive early for the clean so there is chance to go through the cleaning requirements before starting.

    Initial deep clean

    A longer first clean for your regular clients

    Some clients will require an initial deep clean at the start of their contract to get back on top of things. An initial deep clean may involve tasks such as cleaning inside cupboards, behind the fridge and under the sofa etc.

    Fortnightly Cleaning

    Hours to suit your schedule every fortnight

    Here at Well Polished, we understand that for some people, having a cleaner in the home every week isn’t ideal – whether it not be financially viable, or that people simply prefer to have less frequent cleans… so our fortnightly service acts as the perfect alternative.

    Home ironing service

    Ironing as a complimentary service

    We offer ironing alongside our regular cleaning service. If you’re not a fan of ironing, or not very good at it, don’t panic! Simply let your Well Polished manager know during your interview and we will ensure you don’t have any clients who need ironing.


    Housekeeping tasks and chores

    Our housekeeping service is complimentary to the regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning. Some clients will ask you to complete tasks such as hanging up the washing, making the beds, clearing the fridge of out of date food, or even something as simple as letting the dog out whilst we’re at the property!

    Ready to start working with Well Polished?

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      How do I get paid?

      Your assigned clients will pay you directly on the day of the clean, via cash or bank transfer.

      How many hours per week will I have?

      We work on your behalf, so you tell us how many hours per week you would like and we will try our best to get you there as quickly as possible. It's not often possible to offer 20+ hours immediately, but if you are a good and reliable cleaner, it will not take long at all!

      Can I choose what days I work?

      You can! As you're self-employed, you can manage your own schedule. All we ask is that your preferred working days are the same each week, as our clients want their cleans on the same day each week. But you can choose which days of the week you want to work.

      What happens if I want to swap a client?

      If for any reason you do not want to continue with a particular client, that's no problem at all. If you give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice, we will reassign that client to another cleaner and look to replace the hours for you elsewhere.

      Do I need my own transport?

      It's not essential to have your own transport, but it does make it easier! You should be confident that you can get to your assigned clients on time, regardless of the transportation method.

      What happens if my client goes on holiday?

      Some clients continue to have their cleans when they're away and use it as an opportunity for a deep clean whilst they're gone. However, if your client doesn't want you to attend, we can give you a cover clean or a one-off clean to replace the hours. Or you can just enjoy the break!

      What should I wear?

      You should wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for cleaning. We will provide you with a branded tabard or polo shirt (your preference) so you are recognisable as a Well Polished cleaner.

      Do I take my own products and equipment?

      Generally, you will use the client's products and equipment, but it's always wise to have a small selection of products in your car just incase! If a client requests that you bring your own products / equipment, we will advise you in advance and we will inform the client to pay you a higher hourly rate to account for this.

      What happens if my client cancels their service?

      Clients will cancel from time to time due to a change in circumstances and we will try our best to replace those hours for you as soon as possible.

      What if a client asks to use my services directly?

      On occasion, clients have approached our cleaners and asked them to work privately without the agency. NEVER DO THIS. You will no longer be covered by our insurance, you will lose any clients you have and you will never be offered any more work with Well Polished.