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What Is The Eatwell Plate And How To Use It To Improve Your Health

by Well Polished Chichester, Aug 2019

We all know how important eating a healthy diet is. But sometimes it’s not easy to incorporate it into your daily life and that of your family. It’s hard to know what kinds of food you need to eat, in what proportion, and also what portion size. This handy reference and leaflet lays it all out really clearly for you in a nice, colourful, visual way.

Colour Groups

  • Yellow Group – Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods
  • Green Group – fruit and vegetables
  • Pink Group – Meat, fish, eggs and beans (and other non dairy sources of protein)
  • Blue Group – Milk and Dairy Foods
  • Purple Group – High fat, sugary foods

Use the following chart to start your journey to a new and healthy lifestyle! And follow this link to download the full leaflet: