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Tips for Spring

by Janine Campbell (Chester), Apr 2019

Spring is arguably the best season of them all. The flowers are starting to bloom, the temperature is starting to rise and the nights are longer and lighter!

It’s also the perfect season to box off some of those non-desirable jobs that will ensure the BEST Summer possible…

  1. Clean out the wheelie bins / recycling bins – nobody’s idea of a nice job, but at least the bin won’t stink when you’re entertaining guests in your garden!
  2. SCRUB THE BBQ. Yes, we know you left it a mess from the last BBQ you had as procrastinating is far more appealing than all that scrubbing, but get it done now and be ready for the first hot day!
  3. Tend to your garden… Now is the time to get things looking fresh and blooming for Summer.
  4. Clean the garden furniture. Nobody wants to be caught unawares when guests arrive and your furniture is covering in bird poo, cobwebs or is just generally dirty!
  5. If you haven’t already got a window cleaner, hire one! Window cleaners are experts at keeping your glass streak free, and when that sun shines through, you’ll notice the difference.
  6. Stock up on ice. We’ve all experienced that mad rush to the supermarket for ice ahead of a summer time party and there’s ALWAYS a low supply available. Stock up a freezer drawer ready!