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Time Is Precious

by Janine Campbell (Chester), Oct 2018

Shopping for time… if only that was a thing? If you are somebody who frequently says “There aren’t enough hours in the day!”, then you are certainly not alone. A recent survey publishing in Psychology Today, shows that 60% of people feel rushed in their day to day lives and are left wishing for more time with family and friends.

So why is this, what has changed in the past decade to lead to a rise in stress, anxiety and depression? For starters, working hours are longer and there are more pressures and strains on individuals to do well and succeed within a job role. If you’re a parent, working or not, there is an underlying need to be the best and always be on the go with your children. Not to mention the influx of social media outlets you have to update to portray your perfectly busy lifestyle. We say it’s all too much, it’s time to get your time back.

One of the many ways in which our clients have bought that extra bit of time, has been by hiring one of our fabulous cleaners. Jerry has been a client for 2 years now and he says:

“Getting a cleaner has really taken the strain off my wife and I. We both work 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and we have 2 young children who demand our attention during the weekends. We decided to hire a cleaner on the basis that we would have more time of a weekend to do family activities and not spend it hoovering and cleaning our bathrooms. There are no last-minute dashes with a multi-purpose wipe when my parents say they’re popping in, there are no evenings spent with an ironing board out whilst catching up on the soaps. It’s easily the best decision we have made.”

So, there you have it! We can’t physically give you extra hours in a day – but we can at least make sure you’re spending your hours wisely!

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