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Happy Clients, Happy Cleaners

by Janine Campbell (Chester), Jan 2017

Here at Well Polished, we value our cleaners just as much as we value our clients. And we believe that happy cleaners means happier clients and vice versa!

Aside from maintaining a recommended hourly pay rate that is always above minimum wage, we try to think of new ways we can reward our cleaner’s loyalty and hard work.

2017 has seen us implement a new system which allows us to track things like attendance and client feedback. We can also record the times when a cleaner had a day off, but dropped everything to help us with a last minute cover clean or end of tenancy. This, in turn, has now allowed us to start our ‘quarterly rewards‘.

Every 3 months, we intend on having three awards for that period. They will be as follows:

Most consistent attendance
Consistently positive feedback from clients
Willingness to help (cover cleans)

We’re so pleased with all of our cleaners and we know that our clients are as well! Monitoring and rewarding our wonderful team in this way allows us to be even more confident that our valued clients are receiving the 5 star service they deserve.