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Make your home look more expensive

by Janine Campbell (Chester), Mar 2016

We all want our homes to look luxurious and expensive, but we don’t all have the budget to spend, spend, spend! However, there are some cheap ways to make your home look a million dollars… Here’s our top ten tips for a more opulent look!

1.Less is more. Quit jamming your shelves full of dust gathering knickknacks. Opt for a more minimalist look and accessorise with items of varying heights and colours – fill the spaces without overcrowding.
2.Make a statement. We’ve all heard of the ‘feature wall’. Paint or wallpaper one focal wall in a room and keep the remaining walls neutral.
3.Say it with flowers. Fresh flowers can spruce up any room – try to choose one colour scheme and continue throughout your home.
4.Let there be light. Light is your best friend when trying to make sure your home looks welcoming- try experimenting with different warmth of light and lampshades that cast light in alternative patterns.
5.Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Adding a large mirror to any room can make the space feel instantly larger.
6.Bigger is better. Large cushions look more luxurious than smaller ones. Try overstuffing your existing cushions and notice the difference.
7.Layer up. An expensive looking home always has layers – throws and cushions on the furniture. Candles, books and scent diffusers on the coffee table. Pay attention to details that could make a big difference.
8.Hide the wires. You know that trailing wires and leads make your home look messy, but they also affect how luxurious it looks!
9.Utilise curtains. If you don’t have much storage in your home and you use free standing clothes rails, make your own curtains to hide the messy look.
10.Upgrade and improve. If you’re happy to splash a bit of cash, upgrade your light switches and door handles – these things can really date your home – go for modern and simple.