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Why wear a uniform?

by Reece Sadiq, Apr 2019

You may wonder why we think it’s important that our cleaners wear a branded tabard as their uniform…

Wearing a uniform not only promotes the sense of being part of a team, but also we believe it encourages professionalism and pride in your work. When our cleaners are wearing their Well Polished tabard, we hope that they feel they are representing our company and therefore, would want to show their clients why they made the right choice when choosing us for their cleaning requirements.

It’s also an important security aspect. It’s good peace of mind for a client to see their cleaner on the first visit wearing their tabard as it confirms that this person is part of the National company they signed up to.

Not only this, but the tabards protect the cleaner’s clothes and also have handy pockets for storing cloths and sponges!

All in all, there’s definitely more reasons TO wear a uniform than NOT!