Welcome to the Team!

by Well Polished Cheltenham, Nov 2019

Here at Well Polished Cheltenham, we get LOTS of new clients coming on board every month… and because of this, we need to be welcoming LOTS of new cleaners to the team as well!

This month so far, we’re welcoming three new faces:

Jessica – Jess has been a cleaner for over 10 years. Her references were EXCELLENT and she’s very keen to fill up her free days on Thursdays and Fridays! That definitely won’t take long as they’re our busiest days!

Helen – Helen is a former carer who fancied a career change. She loves cleaning and has 4 kids so has always managed a busy household. We think she’s going to be an asset to our team.

Paula – Paula previously worked for one of our competitors but has decided to switch after speaking to other Well Polished cleaners about the benefits and pay rate of working with us!

Welcome to the team girls!