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10 reasons to book a cleaner with Well Polished!

by Reece Sadiq, Mar 2018
  1. Why would you want to spend your weekends or evenings cleaning? Come home to a clean house after work!
  2. Use the time you would have spent cleaning to enjoy catch ups with friends or days out with family
  3. Cleaning to a high standard is hard work – don’t settle for a quick dust around and a hoover. Let us do it properly for you
  4. If you’re honest with yourself, do you actually enjoy cleaning? If the answer is no, why do it? Our cleaners love cleaning!
  5. It’s more affordable than you think!  At just £13.50 per hour, giving up your daily Starbucks could actually give you the free cash to enjoy such a time saving luxury!
  6. We offer a tailored service, so you can enjoy having the beds changed, washing hung and ironing done as well as a clean house!
  7. Having a clean house encourages you to be more tidy! Studies show that when our houses are clean, we’re less likely to dump our coat and shoes on the floors!
  8. Have a clean on a Monday and start every week like a fresh start
  9. TREAT YOURSELF. Just like a manicure or a facial, having a cleaner is a little pampering way to say well done to yourself for all your hard work
  10. We offer outstanding customer service. Don’t ever feel like having a cleaner takes organisation and constant communication- we do all that for you, so you just sit back and enjoy the results!