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The Coronavirus has taken hold of the whole World and everyone is equally as concerned in these uncertain times. As a company, we’ve been working […]

Here at Well Polished, client feedback is the most important thing to us! We value our clients’ opinions more than anything, and we LOVE it […]

The Gin To My Tonic Festival brings together over 100 different gins from across the UK and beyond. Each gin stocked behind the bars has […]

White Vinegar – The multipurpose miracle cleaning agent. Not only are shop bought cleaning products expensive they may also release harmful chemicals into the air […]

A cluttered workspace has been shown to make employees much less productive, as a messy area gives you more things to focus on and increases […]

Colchester Arts Centre This versatile and adaptable church has been the venue for many different acts and events that the people of Colchester have enjoyed […]

To me the smell of Fresh Coffee is one of the greatest inventions ‘Hugh Jackman’ Scents and smells in your home play a big part […]

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