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People might argue that every house is accommodated and used differently, therefore the frequency of cleans would be different depending on this. I do agree, […]

Although most species of spiders are completely harmless, some of us just aren’t keen on sharing our homes with the 8 legged friends! As the […]

Everything looks better through streak free shiny windows, right? Here are our top tips to achieve them… Tip 1. Ditch the paper towels; these leave streaks. […]

Happy Halloween from the Well Polished Blackburn and Burnley team!   Don’t miss out on our TRICK OR TREAT offer which ends on the 5th […]

It is estimated at 46% of our households in the UK have a pet. Of course we love our pets, but along with pets comes hair! […]

Lemon is high in citric acid and therefore a great cleaning product! It can be used for removing hard water stains, soap scum and even […]

There’s no better feeling than getting into a freshly made bed. The soft sheets and smell of fabric conditioner is a great recipe for a […]

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