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Want a clean home? Do it RIGHT first time!

by Well Polished Brighton, Jun 2018

If you’re going to clean your home, do it right the first time by avoiding these top mistakes! Even If you have a cleaner about to embark on a nice Spring Clean you can still help improve your chances of a successful clean by applying these tips with your cleaner.

Whoa, not so fast!

Be sure to leave yourself or your cleaner enough time. This is critical. If you rush through it, you’ll regret it later. Spring cleaning is a BIG job so plan properly, take your time, and do things right the first time. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with the end result and spending more valuable time correcting the mistakes.

But not too slow…

Even though it’s better to take your time and do it right, it is equally important not to go too slowly. Set yourself a realistic schedule to stick to or you’ll feel as though you’re not getting anywhere at all. There’s nothing worse than not seeing any progress, feeling disheartened and giving up. The more progress you see the more motivated you’ll be to keep going.

Enlist some support

Most people underestimate the amount of work involved in a proper spring clean. If you can, try to get others involved to help you. Even hiring a cleaner to work with you. That way you won’t start to feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Writing a list of what you want to be done is one of the best ways to manage the job and to ensure that your expectations are met. Even if you’re hiring professional cleaners. Every home is different, so if you spend a little time upfront thinking through what you want doing, it will make the job go much smoother and increase the chances of getting the results that you want.

And if it’s a friend you’ve enlisted, return the favour!

Keep it simple

Whilst spring cleaning is time-consuming it’s not rocket science. With the right plan and schedule in place, you’re off to a great start. Go online for inspiration in the form of tried and tested lists and schedules and then create your own personalised one to suit you.

Also, you don’t HAVE to buy all the fancy new cleaning products and tools. Many products are multi-purpose these days, so you don’t need bottles and bottles. Or go all natural with vinegar and baking soda.

Be prepared

As well as making a schedule to follow, you will need to have SOME products and equipment. So, make a list of everything you need, see what you already have, and stock up on what you don’t have BEFORE you start.

Spring cleaning is so important. A proper spring clean will give you a healthier space to live in, reducing illness and allergies caused by built-up nasties. And don’t forget that having an organised and clean environment is good for your mental health too. By making sure you plan correctly, you may even enjoy your spring cleaning!