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Tips to creating the perfect light in your home

by Well Polished Brighton, Jun 2018

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your home or favourite room could be as simple as choosing the right lighting. You just need to consider the best intensity and the different lighting options available that can create the perfect space in your unique room.

  • First, consider the purpose of the lighting. It may be that a single room has multiple purposes, that’s OK! Do you need a space to read or view detail, somewhere to relax whilst watching TV or do you need to lighten a dark corner? It’s easy to combine different lighting in the once space or to use a specific lighting in the whole area.
  • Second, decide on the intensity of light needed. Some areas of your home will require a nice bright light – the kitchen, bathroom, or office, for example. However, the bedroom, lounge room or dining rooms would be better suited to a nice soft light that creates a relaxed vibe. These rooms are also ideal for a mixture of lighting sources. For example, in the lounge room you may have a reading nook or your favourite chair – a nice downlight to allow easy reading would be needed. When not in use, switch it off a use a dimmer to create a softer mood.
  • Third, consider each room for its use and draw up a map of the light intensity.
  • Fourth, what type of lighting type suits your space? Depending on your personal style, you can choose a range of lighting types from ceiling, floor, wall, or table lamps to create the perfect lighting combination. And consider dimmer switches to give more versatility to your ceiling lights as well. Highlight artwork or feature walls with spotlights or lovely wall decal lights
  • And finally, what kind of light bulbs are best? You now need to think about the types of light bulbs you’ll need to get that perfect combination of light and efficiency!
    • Incandescent – these provide a lovely soft light, however, use more electricity and have a shorter life than the other types.
    • Fluorescent – this is a very harsh-light, think public toilets and offices!
    • Halogen – a much softer and natural light which uses less electricity and last longer, however it does come at an initially high cost.

Before shopping for lighting, determine your room’s size, the function of your room and the mood you want to set. That will help you choose just the right lighting for your room.