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Tips from our top cleaners

by Well Polished Brighton, Aug 2017

Want to know some professional cleaning secrets?

  • Remove tough limescale with Viakal and get a super shine on all stainless steal. It even helps to get mildew off bathroom tiles
  • Shine up the hob, small appliances, or the oven door with a microfiber cloth after cleaning to get a nice shine
  • Use window cleaner on shiny surfaces such as oven door, microwave, or stainless steel furniture
  • Use toothbrushes to get right into the grooves around the shower, faucets, and plug holes to get rid of hard to reach soap scum and mildew
  • A damp microfiber cloth lifts dust and cleans without the need for any special products – great for sensitive households
  • Attention to detail! When we clean our own home we often whizz around and tend to skip a few things as we settle for ‘good enough’. But a professional cleaner needs to get into all of those overlooked areas of your house. Approach your cleaning routine with this in mind and your home will be left clean in every corner and crevice.