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Keep your summer healthy eating habits through the big chill

by Well Polished Brighton, Oct 2017

I get cold easily, comes from spending years living in the Middle East. I am a sucker for anything scrumptious and warming, but this year I’m determined not to give up on the good eating habits I put in place this summer. So I was pleased when I found a couple of small changes to health-up my winter favs! has the following suggestions, plus some super tasty recipes!

  • Add more vegetables wherever possible – lasagna? Make a veggie lasagna and skip the meat, or add veggies to the meat, with the right seasoning, you won’t even notice!
  • Season veggies like you would meat – marinate, season, roast, yummy
  • Choose tastier cheeses so you can reduce the amount you need to use without compromise on yummy cheesiness flavour.
  • Use wholegrains – brown rice or barley make a fabulous addition to hearty stews and soups. Learn more about great whole grains to add to your winter diet here.

Read the full article here and  enjoy a couple of tasty comfort food recipes!